Spain’s blossoming new beach resort

Quiet beaches, beautiful weather and incredible local food and drink is bringing this hidden gem into the spotlight …Castellon de la Plana. The town of around 175,000 inhabitants is situated approximately 65 kilometres north of Valencia. An awesome destination for culture lovers, with plenty of museums that are free every day, including the Museo de Bellas Artes and the Museo Etnológico. Castellón consists of two parts: the old town with its ‘newer’ neighbourhoods. During the Spanish Civil War the town suffered extensive damage during the fighting, Neighbourhoods were rebuilt forming the old town. And El Grao, the port area that is characterized by its many incredible fish restaurants, sandy beaches and active atmosphere. It’s here in El Grao, that a small airfield is tucked up against the coast in the midst of a thriving resort.

A Skydiving Holiday

What’s your perfect holiday… fully relaxed on a sun lounger or learning one of the most adrenaline filled sports on the planet? You can have both! After a day pushing the edges of your comfort zone you can relax at the pool, on the beach or take a walk around the historic quarter of the city of Castellon de la Plana. This coastal area of Spain has warm reliable weather allowing students to progress through their AFF course without many weather breaks.

An amazing blend of landscapes

From orange groves to breathtaking mountains and beautiful sandy beaches. Depending on the time of year, the aroma and vibrant colours of the orange groves are engaging for the senses. There are three beaches to choose from within the city limits, and heaps more within the entire province. Two of the city’s beaches have been blue flag beaches since 2009. Gurugu beach gets busiest in the summertime, with some people hanging out there after dusk falls. The Serradal beach has had a sand dune regeneration project on the go since 1990. Skydiving students have access to discounts at range of beach front hotels through Skydive School.

AFF Course in Spain
Learn to Skydive in Spain

Costa del Azahar

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Get the most out of an AFF skydiving holiday

The AFF course is designed to be an intensive program. By learning to skydive on holiday, students jump frequently during the early stages of their skydiving careers. Learn more about our location here. Or if you’ve made up your mind then head to the bookings page!