The Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Course

Accelerated freefall (AFF) is the fastest way to learn to skydive. Your first jump will be a solo freefall skydive with two instructors monitoring and coaching you throughout. AFF is recognised worldwide as the best way to learn to skydive. Throughout the course you’ll have your own dedicated instructor, ensuring your instruction is tailored to your preferred learning styles . The course consists of a days groundschool and 8 levels detailed below.

Groundschool lasts a full day and includes everything you need to know to safely make your first solo skydive. You’ll learn about:-

  • Your equipment
  • The body position used in freefall
  • Methods for exiting the aircraft
  • The procedure for the Level 1 skydive
  • Canopy control techniques
  • Emergency procedures
  • And more…

We endeavor to leave you feeling confident at the end of your groundschool to make your first solo skydive the following day.

Level 1

On your first skydive you’ll put what you learnt during groundschool into practice. Jumping with two instructors who will coach you on your body position throughout the skydive, you’ll experience solo skydiving. You’ll work on heading awareness, awareness of altimeter and instructors, practice pulls and deploying your own parachute. After this you’ll fly your own parachute to the ground, with assistance by radio if required.

Level 2

Levels 2 and 3 are both with two instructors similar to Level 1. Your first jump can be breathtaking, it can be difficult to recall small details at first. Therefore the Level 2 skydive is similar to reinforce what you learnt on Level 1. On your level 2 you’ll work more on heading and leg awareness. This may include performing team exercises with your instructors.

Level 3

Level 3 is sometimes known as the release dive. You’ll really be controlling your movement on your own! The aim is for you to show us you can maintain a heading, good body position and altitude awareness whilst released by your instructors.

Level 4

By level 4 you are well on your way to earning your BPA skydiving licence. Level 4 is the first skydive with one instructor on the AFF course. You’ll refine the skills you learnt on Level 2 and practice precise 90 degree turns.

Level 5

After a thorough debrief of your Level 4 from the instructor video included in all our courses, you’ll work on any improvements needed for your freefall turns. Level 5 consists of  360 degree turns.

Level 6

Gaining confidence in your stability. Level 6 is the first skydive of the course where your instructor will not hold on to you during the exit from the plane, this is called a solo exit. Your instructor will still be there in freefall. You’ll also perform a Backloop and practice Tracking (fast forward movement). A busy jump but lots of fun and very rewarding.

Level 7

The last jump of the AFF course before solo consolidation jumps. On this jump you’ll perform all the skills you’ve learnt so far, a solo exit, backloop, tracking and turns. After Level 7 you’ll be cleared to make solo consolidation jumps.

Level 8

At some point during your consolidation jumps you’ll complete Level 8. Level 8 is a Hop and Pop, a jump performed from a lower altitude. You will exit, wait a few seconds and then deploy your parachute. This is so you have experience of exiting the aircraft lower and is a requirement for the BPA A Licence.

Consolidation Jumps

Consolidation jumps are all about refining the skills you’ve learnt and building your confidence. Most jumps will be solo but you’ll be given different exits, freefall drills and canopy drills to work on for each skydive. If you complete your consolidation jumps with us, your instructor may join you on some of your consols to work on FS (Formation Skydiving) skills.